About Pizza

13% of the United States population consumes pizza on any given day.[51]Pizza chains such as Mountain Mike’s Pizza other pizza chains and chilled or frozen pizzas from supermarkets make pizza readily available nationwide.

The first pizzeria in the U.S. was opened in New York City’s Little Italy in 1905. Common toppings for pizza in the United States include anchovies, ground beef, chicken, ham, mushrooms, olives, onions, peppers, pepperoni, pineapple, salami, sausage, spinach, steak, and tomatoes. 

And we at Mountain Mike’s San Jose, Monterey Road are specialized in all kinds of pizza such as on Menu, build your own, or choose one from the list of speciality Pizza.

Pizza Crust

The bottom of the pizza called the “crust”, may vary widely according to style, thin or hand toss. This is the heart of the Pizza it is very important to have a yummy pizza the dough needs to be fresh to have a good quality crust. And we at Mountain Mike’s Pizza, San Jose, Monterey Road we make sure that our dough is freshly done every day, and hence the final quality of the pizza will be crispy and fresh.

Pizza Sauce

This is the kidney of the Pizza, which means a purifier for the heart i.e. Pizza Crust in this case. We at Mountain Mike’s Pizza San Jose, Monterey Road we do the pizza sauce fresh and it’s not packaged one, to have the freshness and completeness of the pizza.